Become a Tapster.

Are you ready to shape the future of payments in MENA? become a Tapster!


as part of a team

Daily challenges in payments keep us on our toes at Tap. We tackle each one with teamwork and plenty of coffee. It's all about working together and keeping things moving, every single day.


with creative minds

Every team member is dedicated to helping MENA business owners. We foster a culture where fresh ideas and creative thinking are valued and encouraged, ensuring innovation in everything we do.


towards a purpose

Our values center on turning MENA into a payments innovation hub. At Tap, your efforts not only advance your career but also positively impact society.


Experience the real work environment through a unique educational experience, participate in projects and product development processes.


Our product team designs and manages all of the payment products our merchants use to process millions of transactions daily.


Our technology team builds the platforms, systems and payment infrastructure that our merchants use to process millions of transactions every day.


Our operations team helps build, operate and scale client, financial and administrative operations across the Middle East and beyond.


Our business team is all about looking after our customers and growing strong partnerships to help everyone reach their goals.

Risk & Compliance

Our Risk & Compliance team blends global standards into everyday work and strategic plans, while mitigating potential risks.