Fintech-savvy innovators. 

Everything you need to build disruptive fintech products in lending, insurance, saving, and beyond.


We support over 20+ different payment methods.


Our payment wallets offer a quick and secure method for digital transactions.


We facilitate payouts to all local banks in MENA. 

Build scalable and disruptive fintech products

Our payment products are designed with developers in mind, making business transactions simple and streamlined.


Accept all local, regional and global payment methods through a single API. 


Our powerful Card and Checkout SDKs accelerate your product development.


Our comprehensive Developer Documentation serves as your guide, your blueprint, your competitive edge.

We help fintechs scale through payments

Get instant access to our sandbox environment, pre-built libraries, plugins, and SDKs.

We've got your back with built-in PCI compliance! 

Focus on what you do best while we handle the nitty-gritty of compliance! 


We support payments across all device types, including desktop, mobile, and tablets, integrating with Apple Pay and Google Pay for a seamless and convenient payment experience


We support all card payment methods, ensuring that your customers can conveniently make purchases using credit cards, debit cards, and various other card options. 


Diversify your payment options with our support for alternative payment types. From digital wallets and BNPL to in-app payments, we've got you covered. 

Every payment method MENA customers love ❤️

Fast account set up and activation. What are you waiting for?

Scale your tech fintech with Tap!

Developer-friendly payment products designed to streamline business transactions.

Tap in to the power of subscription payments

Subscription payments provide a steady, predictable income stream for your business. 

Account Manager

Our dedicated Account Management Team is here to assist you every step of the way, providing expert guidance, resolving issues swiftly, and ensuring seamless operations.


Developer Team

Our team of savvy developers is at your service, helping you seamlessly weave our payment products into your tech stack. 

Fintech Team

Our Fintech Team is comprised of industry experts, ready to provide hands-on assistance and customized guidance to help you conquer the fintech world.

Simplifying online payments

Easy integration, detailed reporting, and a seamless online payment experience for your customers.