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Our "Authorize" feature allows you to place a hold on customer funds upon order placement. If an order is changed, canceled, or remains unfulfilled, your customers can receive instant refunds at no extra charge to your business. This benefit also applies to payment schemes typically without "Authorize" support. Reach out to learn more.


Our Charges API unifies local, regional, and international payment acceptance into a single API connection. This enables companies to expand rapidly across the MENA region, while providing the preferred payment options in each market. This approach reduces operating costs, accelerates growth, and guarantees a unified payment experience. 


Subscription payments offer a consistent, predictable revenue stream for your business. They nurture customer loyalty, with subscribers more inclined to revisit and utilize your services or products. Automated billing diminishes the burden of manual invoicing, while the repetitive aspect of subscriptions aids in superior inventory management and demand forecasting.


Easily send and split payments to your partners in real-time with our 'Destinations' feature. This facilitates more efficient revenue distribution among multiple stakeholders, eliminating manual calculations and potential errors. This streamlining reduces operational delays and ensures each party gets their due. 

Multiple Payment Options

Supports all popular card payment types for a hassle-free payment experience.

Simplifying online payments

Easy integration, detailed reporting, and a seamless online payment experience for your customers.