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The UAE is a thriving tech hub

The UAE has a strong infrastructure and a supportive ecosystem for tech businesses. This includes access to capital, talent, and mentors. Partner with us to tap into its potential.

Global Partner

The UAE is connected to key markets around the region and world, making it a strategic location for your online business.

Economic Hub

Positioned at the crossroads of East and West, the UAE stands as a gateway to international trade, attracting entrepreneurs and innovators from across the globe.


Metropolitan with its strategic location between East and West, the UAE offers unprecedented access to global markets.

One point of contact for all your payments needs

One contract, one integration, and complete control with our dashboard.


Accelerate your expansion across the MENA region with our cutting-edge payment products. Join leading multinational companies in optimizing processes and expanding your presence in MENA and beyond, leveraging the full potential of our advanced products.



Streamline your business processes, gain valuable sales insights, and elevate overall business performance with our comprehensive payment products. Unlock the potential of simplified payments, actionable analytics, and optimized efficiency to drive growth and success.



Experience the power of our specialized payment products designed to cater to the unique requirements of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the UAE, allowing them to onboard swiftly and quickly start receiving payments with ease.



Simplified payment collection for creators, influencers, and freelancers with goCollect. Effortlessly send branded payment links via various platforms such as WhatsApp, SMS, Instagram, email, and more, ensuring secure and efficient transactions.



High acceptance rates

High acceptance rates with local payments.


Robust stability

Stable, secure, and reliable transactions for all businesses.


Completely secure

Completely secure and PCI compliant.


Start accepting online payments today

Quickly set up and activate your account in an instant. What are you still waiting for?

Simplifying online payments

Easy integration, detailed reporting, and a seamless online payment experience for your customers.

Clean, simple and standardized integrations

Powerful SDKs and APIs. Get started with just a few lines of code.


Accept all local, regional and global payment methods through a single API. 


Our powerful Card and Checkout SDKs accelerate your product development.


Beginner-friendly eCommerce plugins for all major MENA eCommerce platforms.

Developer Tools

Dive into our comprehensive developer documentation and build disruptive products. Utilize our powerful APIs, SDKs, and Libraries for a seamless integration experience. Get ready to turn code into commerce!

Local Support

Experience the full support of our dedicated local team of payment experts in the UAE. With their expertise and commitment, we ensure faster problem resolution and an enhanced customer experience like no other. 

Simplifying online payments in the UAE

Quickly set up and activate your account in an instant. What are you still waiting for?